• Top row: Joe; Henry; Burcu; Vivian; Asher; Guillermo
  • Bottom row: Jeff; Phoebe; Andrew; Neil; Karen; Suchitra


  • Top row: Guillermo; Asher; Andrew; Joe
  • Middle row: Jeff; Burcu; Vivian; Henry
  • Bottom row: Phoebe; Suchitra; Karen; Neil


Gurkan Labs at Group Retreat

Top row left to right: Jeff; Burcu Gurkan; Nicole; Erdem; Numan

Front row left to right: Umut Gurkan; Vivian; Arwa



October 2018

Jeff’s paper just got published at PCCP!

Karen'spaper just put published in the Journal of Applied Electrochemistry!

Dr Gurkan receives the ACS-PRF doctoral new investigator award!

2018 AIChE Fall Meeting

Vivian has two talks at AIChE Pittsburg meeting in November: one is her work on batteries and the other on supercapacitors.

September 2018

Brian Chen joined the group from the City College of New York!

Yun-Yang Lee joined the group from National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan!

Welcome to Brian and Lee!

2018 ECS Fall Meeting 

Jeff will be presenting his work at ECS AiMES meeting in Cancun this October. He will also present our work on surfactant ionic liquids

August 2018

Dr Gurkan receives the NASAEarly Career Faculty Award.


Dr Gurkan gave a talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Ionic Liquids.

Postdoc opportunities available

2 positions are available involving DOE and NASA sponsored projects on electrolyte and CO2 capture & conversion, respectively. Contact Dr Gurkan directly at [email protected] with your CV and 1 page motivation letter.

July 2018

We are establishing the new DOE EnergyFrontier Research Center BEES: Breakthrough Electrolytes for Energy Storage. Dr Savinell is the Center's director and Dr Gurkan serves as the Thrust Leader for one of the thrusts and Research Integration Officer for the two thrusts. 


Hiring PhD Students 

Prospective students should email to [email protected] with their CV and a brief statement of their research interests. 
The application deadline for the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at CWRU is October 15 for the Fall and January 15 for the Spring enrollment.

May 2018

Congratulations to Karen and Suchitra for graduating with MS degree!

Dr Gurkan receives the CWRU VPR Catalyst Award for Publication Subvention.

April 2018

Our paper just got accepted at ACS Materials & Interfaces.



Qianwen and Ningjin are presenting their work at ShowCASE on April 20, 2018.


March 2018

Dr Gurkan is elected as a director of AIChE Transport and Energy Processes Division.

255th ACS National Meting, New Orleans

Dr Gurkan presents at 2018 ACS New Orleans meeting: Physical Chemistry of Ionic Liquids.

February 2018

Dr Gurkan gives a seminar talk at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Clemson University.

NIST Center for Neutron Research

Jeff will be traveling to NIST for neutron measurements to study structure of ionic liquids.

November 2017

Dr Gurkan gives a seminar talk at Cleveland State University (Nov 16).

Energy Lab participated in the World Science for Peace and Development Day at CWRU showcasing our research (Nov 10).

October 2017

Dr Gurkan to give a Session Keynote Talk in Rechargeable / Secondary Battery Technologies for Energy Storage at AIChE, Minneapolis. 

Joseph Williams from Cleveland Institute of Art joins the group as an animation intern.

AIChE 2017 

Dr Gurkan is the acting Vice Programming Chair for Transport  and Energy Processes Division during the 2017 Annual AIChE Fall Meeting. She is also the moderator for the Graduate Student Panel at Women Initiative Committee.

September 2017

Jeffrey Klein from Colorado School of Mines (BS 2017) joins the group as a PhD student

ENERGY LAB members will be at 232nd ECS National Meeting

Qianwen's (Vivian) abstract got accepted for oral presentation at Symposium L03: Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry of Ionic Liquids 6. She will present her research on October 4, 2017: 8:40-9 am

August 2017

Dr Gurkan attended the 2017 ASEE Chemical Engineering Summer School in North Carolina. 

Dr Gurkan received Nord Grant from UCITE

Dr Gurkan will work with engineering and art students, in collaboration with Leonard Gelfand STEM Center, for an outreach activity aimed to involve elementary school students in science literacy through performing arts.

June 2017

VeAnn Pham from University of Arizona joins the group as NSF REU participant. 

Neil receives SOURCE funding

Neil will be working in the lab during the summer of 2017 on electroreduction processes in ionic liquids. His research support comes from the Centralized Office for Undergraduate Research at CWRU.

November 2016

Dr. Gurkan chaired the following sessions at the 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco: Rechargeable / Secondary Battery Technologies for Energy Storage
Battery and Energy Storage Technologies

August 2016

Energy Lab at Case Western Reserve University is established.

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