Team Members

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Graduate Students

Qianwen (Vivian) Huang

PhD candidate

Vivian is a first year PhD student at CWRU who joined the Energy Lab in fall of 2016 after graduating from the joint BS/MS program between the Beijing University of Chemical Technology and CWRU. Her MS thesis involved the electrodeposition of nickel-based amorphous alloys for corrosion protection. Her current research interests are the lithium deposition morphology and the chemical composition of the solid-electrolyte interface in Lithium-ion batteries with ionic liquid electrolytes. When not in the lab, she enjoys traveling, yoga, fencing and watching movies.

Jeffrey Klein

PhD Student

Jeff received B.S. in Chemical Engineering in the spring of 2017 at the Colorado School of Mines where he worked as a research assistant examining atomic layer deposition and atomic layer etching techniques of silicon nitride for semiconductor processing. Additionally, on a separate project he assisted with developing silicon solar cell devices aiming to lower production cost while maintaining high efficiency. His research interests have transitioned from energy production to energy storage where he now investigates the structure and dynamics of ionic liquids which have a range of applications including batteries and supercapacitors. Outside of the lab, he likes to rock climb, ski in his home state of Colorado, camp, and bike.

Brian Chen

PhD Student

Brian earned his B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering in the spring of 2018 from The City College of New York. There, he assisted in laying the groundwork for synthesizing and researching crystalline transition-metal cathode materials for rechargeable aluminum-metal batteries. As a Ph.D. student, his research interests in energy storage have continued onto the investigation of deep eutectic solvents for high energy- and power-dense redox-flow batteries. When not in the lab, Brian enjoys playing tennis and riding his bike.

Yun-Yang Lee

PhD Student

Lee earned his B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2016 from National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan. After his graduation, he continued his training at the University of Tokyo, Japan for a year (2017-2018). His past research lies in monomer/polymer synthesis, polymer physics, physical chemistry, and battery techniques (fuel cell & LIB). As a Ph.D. student, his research interests focus on the synthesis and characterization of functionalized IL or PIL, and their applications on LiB as well as CO2 capture. When not in lab, he enjoys jogging, mountain climbing, cooking, and playing Chinese musical instrument.  

Undergraduate Researchers

Caleb Wilt

Undergraduate Researcher

Caleb is a senior at CWRU studying Chemical Engineering and Business Management. He is currently working on developing sensory platforms through micro fabrication and synthesis of ionic liquid probes. When not in the lab, Caleb serves as an executive member of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI). Caleb enjoys cooking, watching movies, listening to music, and building computers.

Henry Squire

Undergraduate Researcher

Henry is a sophomore chemical engineering student at CWRU. He is interested in energy storage for the advancement of low carbon, renewable energy sources. When not in the lab, Henry is on the tennis court competing for the Men's Varsity Tennis Team or recovering wasted food on campus with the Food Recovery Network.

Dylan Klaiber

Undergraduate Researcher

Dylan is a Freshman at CWRU studying Chemical Engineering and Business Management. He is interested in energy storage, exploring deep eutectic solvents for high energy, power-dense, redox-flow batteries. When not in lab, Dylan is an executive member of CWRU Baja. He enjoys playing soccer, fishing, and backpacking. 

Past Members

Ningjin (Karen) Xu


Currently a PhD student at University of California Riverside

Suchitra Selvaraj


Researcher at Ecolectro, Inc.

ViAnn Pham

2017 NSF REU student

Evio Panichi

CWRU undergraduate

Phoebe Huang

CWRU undergraduate

Guillermo Fiallos

CWRU undergraduate

Nicholas (Asher) Day

CWRU undergraduate

Neil Chavan 

CWRU undergraduate

Reagan Hairston

2018 NSF REU student

Joseph Williams

Art intern (STEAM program)

Ian Filo

Art intern

Thomas Thornton

Art intern

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